Maintain a billiard

To preserve the origin color of the cloth of your billiard, we advise you to avoid any exposure prolonged to the sun or the moon.

To remove the chalk particles and dust of the carpet, it is enough for you to brush it : you can also use your vacuum cleaner provided with its end brushes (variator of pressure regulated at least).

Like any piece of furniture, your billiard needs a little wax for any maintenance.


A natural wear

Progressively with the play, the cloth will wear naturally and its beautiful origin color will tarnish.

As weel as the cloth of your billiard, the bands, made up of natural rubber, end up losing their quality of elasticity and harden, making the play less pleasant.

We intervene then directly in your residence to do the cloth change and we benefit of the displacement to check the leval and the general state of the table. Don't hesitate to contact our advisers : they will be able to bring you a custom service of quality.


Gold rules to maintain your billiard :

Protect your billard from the rays of the sun by a cover or a plate.

Brush the carpet with a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Clean regularly the balls with a glossing spray.

Don't deposit your consumption on the tally-bands.



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