Billiard Installation


The installation of your billiard is a important stage for the quality of play.

The small models with cast solid slate (19 mm) have been designed studied to be installed without intervention of a technician specialist. For the great models with slate in several parts (> 19 mm), the presence of a experienced fitter is necessary. Our techniciens will undertake the delivery and the installation with care of your billiard.


Install billiards, a business of professionnal qualified

Some models of billiards don't require the intervention of an assembler (they are studied, built for this purpose and prefabricated in factory.

A billiard must be installed with precision. This installation can influence the quality of play, and must be very rigorous. A billiard is delivered in spare parts and requires an assembly on the spot.

Only a qualified professionnal is capable to realize this stage. JMC Billard places at your disposal, in all France, a team of professionnal fitters having many years of experience.

Each element of the frame is assembled on the spot. The frame is then surfaced before to proceed of the pose and the fixing of the slate flagstones. These same flagstones are put on level. Then the pose of the cloth begins on the slate. This is a very delicate operation which requires an expert, and conditions the quality of bearing by the tension of the cloth.

For all your questions, our advisers are available Monday to Friday from 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM, Saturday from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

They will be able to bring you a custom service of quality.


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